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Buio - Cantina Mesa


Carignano del Sulcis Doc, Sardinian red wine

Bottle. 0.75 l

Buio of the Cantina Mesa is one of the most famous Carignano del Sulcis Doc of Sardinia - Sardinian specials would recommend with a typical Sardinian sausage, a piece of pecorino cheese on a leaf of carasau

For sale on our site of Sardinian wines and typical products online - where you can find the Sardinian bottarga


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Buio - Cantina Mesa - Sardinian wines

Carignano del Sulcis DocSardinian red wine

Buio - Cantina Mesa - Sardinian food


Buio of the Cantina Mesa is one of the most famous Carignano del Sulcis Doc of Sardinia - Sardinian specials would recommend with a typical Sardinian sausage, a sin of pecorino cheese on a leaf of carasau

For sale on our site of Sardinian wines and typical products online - where you can find the Sardinian caviar: the mullet roe - bottarga

Buio - Cantina Mesa - Sardinian wine on sale



Carignano del Sulcis Doc


The territory of Sulcis, in the extreme south west of Sardinia


The soil is sandy with limestone-clay structure, discrete sub-alkaline reaction


Mediterranean, characterized by scarce rains irregularly distributed over the year


Espalier bred to cordon and sapling of ungrafted




Fermentation at a controlled temperature of 27-28 ° C for 8-10 days with moderate extraction of phenolic substances. Evolution in cement tanks and for a short period in small French oak barrels


Color: beautiful ruby red with grenade nuances, high viscosity

Nose: large and elegant nose with fresh reminders of ripe red fruit, geranium, black pepper and a hint of hydrocarbons

Taste: mouth along with input and race. Manages to express aristocracy with notes young and fresh. Balsamic and sweet tannins


Grilled red meats, grilled tuna; first courses with game birds

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Sant'Anna Arresi
1.2 kg
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