Inke: the widespread production that values the Sardinian tradition
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"Behind the Inke's products there is a fine selection of microproducers which guarantees to our offer the same flavors of homemade recipes"

We select for you

The continuous search of culinary excellence on the Sardinian territory pays off best in the selection of the brand Inke: we verify with the utmost care the production procedures used and the quality of products that we acquire, to ensure the flavors and scents that industrial production has made us often forget.

The soul of the territory 

In a production like the Sardinian one, often the very small reality actually offer the most sincere and truthful soul of the local food culture. Simple preparations but unmistakable flavor, made with local products of high quality. The absence of more intermediaries selling and shipping speed allow to maintain the quality and characteristics of the products that we select.

Unity is strength

We believe that the quality does not depend on the size of a company: for us the concept of widespread production is a way to select and promote the most authentic production realities and the most genuine products.