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Iselis - Argiolas
  • Iselis - Argiolas

Iselis Monica - Argiolas


Monica di Sardegna Doc Superiore, Sardinian red wine. 0.75 l bottle

Iselis is a Monica di Sardegna Doc Superiore made from Argiolas winemaker, in the territory of S'elegas - vibrant and strong bouquet, excellent if accompanied by a few slices Casizolu of Montiferru.

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Iselis Monica - Argiolas - Sardinian food

Iselis is a Sardinian red wine of Monica grapes, made by Argiolas cellar in Serdiana

Iselis Monica - Argiolas - Sardinian wine


Iselis is a monica di Sardegna Doc Superiore made from Argiolas, in the territory of Selegas - vibrant and strong bouquet, excellent if accompanied by a few slices of casizolu and a dash of extra virgin olive oil from Montiferru.

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Iselis Monica - Argiolas - Buy Sardinian wine

The vine usually so called, is cultivated mainly in the Campidano. In the other, common in the Island's various historical regions, the most evident ampelographic characteristics are quite similar, but there is no match with the most famous grape variety. It is easy to infer, then, that the reason why the Monica, vinified, often gives different results can be attributed not only to the climatic and soil variations as well as to the technology in the cellar, but also the fact that with the same grape varieties are vinified nme fundamentally different.

Technical grid:


Monica di Sardegna a Denominazione di Origine Controllata Doc


Limestone, marl soils derived from calcareous sediments.


Mediterranean, mild winters, limited rainfall, very hot and windy


Manual, early morning


Maceration at a controlled temperature of 28-30 ° C for about 10-12 days. malolactic fermentation in vats of concreteo vitrified for 10-15 days.


In barriques for 12 months, in bottle for about 6 months.


Color: ruby red
Nose: intense and enveloping, red cherry and plum fruit in evidence, with notes of vanilla and cinnamon.
Taste: smooth and velvety with sweet tannins, red fruit and spices in perfect balance, very long and pleasant finish


traditional culurgiones with sauce, tasty fish soups, tuna trance barbecued, stewed lamb, medium-aged pecorino cheese, grilled red meats

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