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Er̬ssia - Giuseppe Sedilesu
  • Er̬ssia - Giuseppe Sedilesu

Erèssia - Giuseppe Sedilesu


Cannonau di Sardegna DOC, Sardinian rosé wine.

0.75 l Bottle

Erèssia is a Cannonau di Sardegna Doc produced by Cantina Giuseppe Sedilesu in Mamoiada

Pairings: goat prosciutto, seasoned sardinian sausage and Sardinian musteba in a bed of carasau flatbread

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Erèssia - Giuseppe Sedilesu - Sardinian wine on sale

Cannonau di Sardegna DOCSardinian rosé wine made in Mamoiada by Sedilesu.

Erèssia - Giuseppe Sedilesu - Sardinian wine

Features of Sardinian wine:

Erèssia ia a rosé made from only cannonau young vines (3-15 years old). Cherry-red color, fruity floral with notes of pomegranate and cherry. Its taste is saline and soft. Pairing with fresh cheeses, tasty fish, slightly seasoned pasta, pizza, meats, ladyfingers cookies soaked in the glass.

Bottles: 2.000

Erèssia is a Cannonau di Sardegna Doc produced by Cantina Giuseppe Sedilesu in Mamoiada

Pairings: goat prosciutto, seasoned sardinian sausage and Sardinian musteba in a bed of carasau flatbread

Sale of Sardinian typical products online - rediscover the roots of our wine tradition

Erèssia - Giuseppe Sedilesu - Sardinian products


Cannonau di Mamoiada 100%




60 q/ha

Alcoholic strength

13,5% Vol.

Total acidity

4,7 gr/l

Total extract

21 g/l

Sulphur dioxide

50-70 mg/l

Harvest time




Length of maceration

24 hours


Not pressed, juice


14-16 months in 225 l



Bottle aging

At least 1 months 

Product Details

Data sheet

1.2 kg
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