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Bèru - Siddura
  • Bèru - Siddura

Bèru - Siddura


Bèru, Siddura, great Vermentino di Gallura made in Luogosanto.

0.75 l

This white wine represents the desire to experience that reigns throughout the company. Great Vermentino di Gallura with an elegant élevage en barrels. Bèru is processed in small French oak barrels.


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Bèru - Siddura - Sardinian food

Bèru, Siddura, great Vermentino di Gallura made in Luogosanto.

Bèru - Siddura - Sardinian wines


This white wine represents the desire to experience that reigns throughout the company. We want to show, first of all to ourselves, that Vermentino is a "multifaceted" grape variety, that is suitable to be worked in so many different ways, still maintaining their identity and valuable organoleptic characteristics that made him know and made him famous around the world. So we wanted to dedicate a corner of the cellar all'élevage en barrels, and from the wine-making, Bèru, is processed in small French oak barrels.

Bèru - Siddura - Buy Sardinian wines

Classification: Vermentino di Gallura

Variety: Vermentino 100%

Production area: Gallura - North-eastern Sardinia

Land of origin: granite, sand

Altitude: 300 m asl

Yield per hectare: 60 q / h

Training system: spurred cordon

Harvest: By hand with selection of the best grapes in small boxes, in the second half of September and the first days of October

Winemaking: The grapes are gently de-stemmed. After a maceration of a few hours the soft pressing. The whole Alcoholic fermentation occurs in small French oak barrels at a temperature between 15 ° and 18 ° C for 10-12 days

Ageing: 8 months in new barrels of French oak fine grain of the forest of Allier

Refined in bottles for at least one months

Alcohol content: 14 %

evolutionary capacity: 6 years

Appearance: the Vermentino Bèru Bright, golden yellow, solar, consistent

Bouquet: Very fine, intense and complex, with delicate notes of bread crust, buttery notes and moderately vanilla, pleasant floral tones, hints of thyme and honey

Palate: Harmonious, elegant and refined, with good flavor and freshness, soft, with a finish of vanilla and acacia honey.

Serving suggestions: Tasty seafood appetizers, risotto and fregula,
shellfish, fish stews and baked, but also culurgiones potatoes, white meat, cheese of medium ageing.

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0,75 l
Olbia - Tempio
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