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Pontis - Contini
  • Pontis - Contini

Pontis, Vernaccia of overripen grapes - Contini


White wine of overripe Vernaccia grapes. Wine of the centenary.

0.375 l bottles

Sale of the best Sardinian food products

We have collected for you the best of our tradition - try the Fiore Sardo Pdo, the Casizolu, the white rind goat cheese. All these delicacies, created by our small producers are at your disposal with a click


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Pontis - Contini - Sardinian food

Sale of the best Sardinian food products

Pontis - Contini - Sardinian wine

Features of our best Sardinian wines:

White wine of overripe Vernaccia grapes. Wine of the centenary

We have collected for you the best of our tradition - try the Fiore Sardo Pdo, the Casizolu, the white rind goat cheese. All these delicacies, created by our small producers are at your disposal with a click

Pontis - Contini - Sardinian food on sale


Sardinian White from overripe grapes


Vernaccia 100%

Zone of production

Low valley of Tirso river, Sinis


Few meters above sea level


Typically Mediterranean, with mild winters, limited rainfall and very hot and windy summers


Alluvial soil, sandy, slightly clayey

Method of cultivation

Sapling in grown vineyards, espalier (Guyot and spurred cordon)

Yeld per hectare

3.000 - 4.000 kg


Vernaccia obtained in part from dried grapes, partly from harvested grapes and vinified according to tradition, in white, with soft pressing and fermentation at controlled temperature


Maturation in casks of oak and chestnut, kept half empty to allow the development of the characteristic veil of  yeast flor, which creates the unmistakable flavors of  classic Vernaccia of Oristano. The aging continues for a few months in bottle


Amber, bright


Of great intensity and complexity, ethereal with flavors of dried fruit, almonds and toasted hazelnuts


Sweet, warm and velvety, with a long taste-olfactory persistence

Service temperature

12 -14° C


Excellent end of the meal and meditation, a beautiful combination with sweet almond paste and dry pastries

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Data sheet

0.5 l
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