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List of products by brand Fratelli Puddu, cantina di Oliena

Orbuddai is a company of about 50 ha of which 30 are cultivated with vineyards. It is located in Oliena, in the heart of Barbagia, an area particularly suited for the cultivation of vines and olives.
The vine that is the master is the Cannonau the "King of Sardinia". Recent discoveries identify it as an autochthonous vine, and its presence in our island dated about 3200 years ago. For this reason it has been defined as the oldest vine in the Mediterranean.

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Brand: Fratelli Puddu, cantina di Oliena

Tiscali, Sardinian red wine - Fratelli Puddu

Tiscali Sardinian red wine Cannonau di Sardegna Doc, made by Fratelli Puddu of Oliena Bottiglia - 0.75 l Tiscali Rosso is obtained from a selection of Cannonau grapes harvested in the rolling hills of the territory of Oliena.From the farm vineyards located at the foot of Mount Corrasi, on a wide valley characterized by intense cultivations of olive and almond groves
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