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Barrile - Contini
  • Barrile - Contini

Maluen, Nieddera - Contini


Isola dei Nuraghi IGT, Sardinian Red wine.

0.75 l bottle

Barrile is a red wine made from Nieddera grapes, an archaic type of grape typical of the Tirso Valley. Cantina Contini has the merit of having restored the use of this type of clone.

As pairing recommend a lamb roast or a cutting board of Sardinian cheese

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Maluen, Nieddera - Contini - Sardinian food

Valle del Tirso IGT, Sardinian Red wine made by the winemakers of Contini, in Cabras

Maluen, Nieddera - Contini - Sardinian wine

Features of the best Sardinian wine:

Nieddera is a Sardinian red wine made from Nieddera grapes, an archaic type of grape typical of the Tirso Valley. Cantina Contini has the merit of having restored the use of this type of clone.

As pairing recommend a lamb roast or a cutting board of Sardinian cheese

Try the best Sardinian food - find your favourite sardinian product among our selection

Maluen, Nieddera - Contini - Sardinian wine on sale


Nieddera IGT, Sardinian red wine


85% Nieddera, and other native grapes

Zone of production

Nieddera is a grape variety of ancient origins, whose circulation is limited to the
Low Valley of Tirso river, in particular the Municipality of Cabras


Few meters above sea level


Typically Mediterranean, with mild winters, limited rainfall and very hot and windy summers


Alluvial soil, sandy, slightly clayey

Method of cultivation

Sapling in grown vineyards, espalier (Guyot and spurred cordon)

Yeld per hectare

6.000 - 7.000 kg


Soft pressing, maceration on the skins for 8-10 days and temperature-controlled fermentation, soft pressing of the marc


In barrels of small and medium-sized, concrete tanks vitrified,
a few months in bottle


Intense ruby ​​red with garnet nuances


Intense and persistent with hints of vanilla and black cherry


Dry, warm, slightly tannic but harmonious

Service temperature

14 -16° C


It goes well with roasts, game and savory and spicy cheese

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1.2 kg
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