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Cannonau Riserva - Sella & Mosca
  • Cannonau Riserva - Sella & Mosca

Monteluce, Nasco sweet wine - Sella & Mosca


Cannonau di Sardegna Doc Riserva, Sardinian red wine made by the genial oenologist of Sella & Mosca

Bottles - 0.50 l

Ambitious example of Cannonau produced in the north, typical atypical, rough local invention.


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Monteluce, Nasco sweet wine - Sella & Mosca - Sardinian wine

Alghero Bianco Passito DOC, Sardinian sweet wine of Nasco grapes, made by the oenologist of Sella & Mosca

Monteluce, Nasco sweet wine - Sella & Mosca - Buy Sardinian food

Nasco grapes have been present since time immemorial in Alghero and Sella & Mosca cultivates it on sandy ground with calcareous subsoil.

In Monteluce the variety is used in purity and dried in the sun for around 15 days. The long skin maceration on the skins allows to extract all their aromatic character, well present in the must, before, and in the wine, then.

Color - Golden yellow
Perfume - Aromas of honey, white musk, orange blossom, candied apricot and spices. A riot of sensations that evolve in the glass and continue on the palate.
Taste - In the glass it gives its best, confirming itself sweet and soft as it is dynamic and easy to drink. Wine of great personality, with an intriguing tropical appeal.

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0.75 l
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