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Piras - Cantina Gallura
  • Piras - Cantina Gallura

Piras - Cantina Gallura


Vermentino di Gallura DOCG, Sardinian white wine 0.75 l bottle

Vermentino di Gallura product from historic Cantina Gallura of Tempio, a traditional Vermentino, which grows from the granites of Gallura.

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Piras - Cantina Gallura - Sardinian wine

Vermentino di Gallura Docg

Piras - Cantina Gallura - Sardinian food

Vermentino di Gallura product from historic Cantina Gallura of Tempio, a traditional Vermentino, which arises from the granites of Gallura.

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Quick, safe shipping - best Sardinian food ever

Piras - Cantina Gallura - Sardinian wine, best price


100% Vermentino polyclonal vineyards

Zone of production

Agro Luras, Calangianus, producing 70-80 quintals per hectare


Granite of limited depth, rich in skeleton consisting of coarse granite weathering sand, loose, acidic, nutrient-poor, very low water retention


Mediterranean, average rainfall in spring and autumn, long summers, hot and windy


Traditional, by hand


In white


2 months in cellar


Yellow, light green hues, brilliant


Intense, fruity, floral, wide, persistent


Dry, balanced, fresh, long and pleasant lingering taste, fine, fruity


Raw seafood, hot entrees, pasta courses with light sea, shellfish, grilled fish, delicate meat, bottarga (mullet roe)

Service temperature

Constant temperature 14° C. humidity 75% in absence of light and with horizontal bottle


Slender goblet of good size, temperature 9-11 ° C

Try our famous Sardinian wine - the fresh taste of Vermentino

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1.2 kg
Olbia - Tempio
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