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Nessuno - Tenute Olbios
  • Nessuno - Tenute Olbios

Nessuno - Tenute Olbios


Rosso dei Colli del Limbara Igt, Sardinian red wine

0.75 l Bottle

Expressive oenologist attempt of Tenute Olbios, a red zone out, bold and aggressive at the same time

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Nessuno - Tenute Olbios - Sardinian wine

Rosso dei Colli del Limbara IgtSardinian red wine

Nessuno - Tenute Olbios - Sardinian food

Features of our Sardinian wine

Nessuno is a journey. A journey to discover new worlds of pleasure. The taste of the journey that finds the pleasure of discovery.
Nessuno is born from several grape varieties that have in if different stories, tastes and characteristics that meet in this highly successful blend creating an elegant and decided wine.

Nobody comes from two types of red grapes from our vineyards vinified separately.
The unique and modern vinification technique used is tense maximum extraction of aromas and varietal aromas in order to obtain an intact, full-bodied, important, and long-aging wine.

Expressive oenologist attempt of Tenute Olbios, a red zone out, bold and aggressive at the same time

Do not waste time, the Sardinians food products come quickly, end even before you have thought to press on "buy"


Several indigenous red grapes vinified separately


Still red


Mostly sandy granite weathering


High espalier

Harvest time

Third week of September


Manual in small boxes


Delicate stemming and immediate temperature-controlled fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Frequent automatic delestage, racking and vacuum pressing of the fermented grapes 


The wine is left for 18 months in conenitori steel to sharpen and decant cold without prior filtration

Sensory notes

Deep red color, bright, dense, clear. Elegant and large bouquet, intense aromas of red fruits, cherry jam. Full, elegant, strong and velvety. Important tannin structure balanced by warm alcohol and the presence of soft glycerin


Accompanies important dishes made with red meat, cheese and creamy risotto

Service temperature




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1.2 kg
Olbia - Tempio
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