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BruttoMacBuono - MacFormaggi
  • BruttoMacBuono - MacFormaggi

BruttoMacBuono, Sardinian cheese - MacFormaggi


Sardinian Pecorino cheese in rind, made buy MacFormaggi

Weight: 1 kg

Buy online the best Sardinian and Italian food products

We selected a wide offer of Sardinian traditional cheese, created with the wisdom and the ability of an ancient tradition


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BruttoMacBuono, Sardinian cheese - MacFormaggi - Sardinian food on sale

Sheep cheese (Sardinian pecorino cheese) in rind made by the new diary of CampedaMacFormaggi

BruttoMacBuono, Sardinian cheese - MacFormaggi - Sardinian food


Ingredients: Pasteurized sheep's milk, salt, rennet, Penicillium Candidum, lactic

Additives: absent

Allergens: milk and milk-based products, including lactose.

Minimum curing: 20 days.

Creamy pecorino cheese, savory flavor. Smooth, inedible crust, pale yellow, white paste tending to straw yellow with small holes.

Average whole form: 1 kg

Storage: 60 days from the time of packaging. Store at room-temperature up to + 10 ° C

BruttoMacBuono, Sardinian cheese - MacFormaggi - Sardinian pecorino cheese

Buy online the best Sardinian and Italian food products

We selected a wide offer of Sardinian traditional cheese

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1 kg
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