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Tajanu - Li Duni
  • Tajanu - Li Duni

Tajanu - Li Duni


Isola dei Nuraghi IGT, Red whine.

0.75 l bottle

Isola dei Nuraghi Igt wine product from the cellar of Li Duni, in Badesi

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Tajanu - Li Duni - Sardinian food

This wine is made from the traditional grapes of the area planted ungrafted. The grapes are produced in vineyards in particular climatic conditions, on the sand. The work in the vineyard and careful winemaking allow us to obtain this red color with intense aromas of ripe black cherry, glaze and cinnamon.

The aromas that blend harmoniously with the maturation of the wine in small oak barrels, give complexity and depth of flavor. It is recommended to serve with game and roasted red meats

Tajanu - Li Duni - Sardinian red wine


Red grapes native of different types

Zone of production

Badesi, Gallura


Sapling supported with Guyot pruning


Sandy. Grape yield: up to 50 q / ha


Beginning of October


Soft with a pneumatic press


Deep ruby red


Typical of the wine aged in small oak barrels, the pronunced characteristics and complex with hints of ripe black cherry, and cinnamon glaze


Soft, smooth, dry, complex and strong


Game and roasted red meat


15% Vol.

Service temperature

18° C. (It is recommended to decant at least an hour before serving)

Tajanu - Li Duni - Italian food

Try with a slice of Fiore Sardo Pdo cheese, Casizolu or a semiaged goat cheese.

Find the best wines of the Sardinian wine scene, on Inke Sardinian specials - the best of Sardinian wines online - try the best of Cannonau, Vermentino and Carignano wines.

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1.2 kg
Olbia - Tempio
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