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A typical history of the Italian province. It began almost a century ago when Stefano Rocca, grandfather of the homonymous and current owner of the company, began to produce the first mullet roe, at the Cooperative of the Fishermen of the IV Regia of the Santa Gilla pond in Cagliari.

At the end of the 1980s, the same passion of his grandfather led Stefano Rocca, then young grandson, to set up a small artisan laboratory for the production of bottarga using the same production methods used by his grandfather.

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Brand: Stefano Rocca Bottarga

Yellow fin tuna bottarga - Stefano Rocca GoldenSea

Mullet roe handmade in Sardinia (Bottarga) made by Fabrizio Perra in Oristano 1 kg - pieces of 70 - 130 gr The tuna Bottarga Stefano Rocca is a product of excellent quality, compact and pasty, the nose offers intense sensations and aromas of the sea and on the palate a persuasive and velvety palatability.
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