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Our products are the result of genuine dairy traditions of Sardinia and their aromas and flavors take us back to the past. Times marked by the binding of man to nature, the ancient tradition of Sardinian shepherds and their ancient recipes are proposed with new knowledge and modern technology.

Attention is drawn especially to animal welfare, where flocks graze in the wild, in order to avoid stress and diseases. An animal healthy, happy and free milk produces a better quality.

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Brand: Formaggi sardi Piras

Greviera of Ozieri - Formaggi sardi Piras

The Greviera of Ozieri is a typical Sardinian cheese produced exclusively in Ozieri, dairy of Bruno Alpina cow You can find it on our site Sardinian products for sale online. The Greviera is easily approachable to a Sardinian red wine not too structured, as the Lillové of Gabbas
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