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Lino is a berger of Orotelli, indeed, we can say THE shepherd of Orotelli. Its cheeses are of varied nature, always adhering to the local and millennial tradition. They are amazed by the sapidity, the body, the pleasantness of the taste, the beautiful appearance of the shapes and the agre, rough and wise scent that is produced.

A specialist in sheep's milk, for years casaro, very capable of presiding over a rugged, raw and noble territory like the Barbagia di Orotelli.

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Reference: 202402

Brand: Prodotti di Barbagia

kid's rennet - Prodotti di Barbagia

Young goat rennet, abomaso filled with raw goat milk. Size: about 400 gr Discover online the ancient agricultural and pastoral tradition of Sardinia - the best typical Sardinian courses directly on your home - just a click away Try the best Sardinian cheese
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