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In the Valley of the Nuraghi of Mejlogu, surrounded by the natural amphitheater of the Marghine chain, continues the ancient art of viticulture, handed down since the nineteenth century A.C.

The Winery Pùmari is a small reality from the experience of generations that have been broadcasting Sardinian wine culture for more than 150 years. The rows of vines follow the right solar orientation, as did the nuragics of the mighty bronze fortresses, which surround us and reach their maximum expression in the massive megalithic castle of Nuraghe S. Antine.

Our project starts with vines, situated 400 mt above sea level in a limestone clayey, greedy water, which forces us to have low yields with excellent quality. Winery Pumari faces a challenge: the realization of a project that qualifies the territory through the valorisation of art and the millennial culture of our traditions.

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Brand: Cantina Pumarì

Pumarì - Cantina Pumarì

Sardinian red wine from Cagnulari grapes, vines cultivated in Torralba, in Mejlogu. Bottle - 0.75 l The characteristics of this wonderful Cagnulari:The perfume is very characteristic, pregnant, sardonic. It ranges in its frankness with intense fruity (red fruits) in youth, spiced (why not, black pepper), musky beetle, plum jam, reaching a large amplitude in case of aging.
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