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Butcher for generations, from Bonarcado, Montiferru. Great worker of valuable meat of Red ox - Sardo Modicana type. He inherited a valuable recipe of the Aosta Valley for the production of dried beef (Bresaola), made with the Red Ox meat.

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Brand: Macelleria Sassu

Sardo Modicana Bresaola - Macelleria Sassu

Sardo Modicana Bresaola (Sardo Modicana race), Slow Food Montiferru, Sardinia. Produced by Butcher Giovanni Sassu of Bonarcado. You can not say to have face the Montiferru if you have not yet appropriated the Sardo Modicana taste, and for vegetarians, its noble derivatives, such as Casizolu or Fresa. Offered here online from Inke Sardinian Specials
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