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Kantigos, Sardinian cheese - Luigi Biddau

Broken grain cheese, made from cow's milk processed raw; made by Luigi Biddau, small cheesemaker of Ittiri, in the north of Sardinia.

Form: 6.5 kg

Large collection of Sardinian food products: try our best raw milk cheeses, produced according to strict criteria, dictated by a century-old tradition


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€ 230.00

Origin Sassari
Place Ittiri
Size 6.5 kg

Kantigos, Sardinian cheese - Luigi Biddau - Sardinian food

Kantigos - cheese route to cow's milk processed raw. Once obtained the cheese, the grain get broken again to be rearrange in a new form and then refined, sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil and aged for a year until after 18 months.

Form of 6.5 kg, obtained on a shape of 24 cm diameter and a height of about 20 cm.

Kantigos, Sardinian cheese - Luigi Biddau - Buy online Sardinian cheese

The small farm of Louis Biddau is located in the countryside of Ittiri, mid-hill, in an area adorned with nuragic settlements. The shepherd care and get the product of seven Italian red spotted cows and twenty crossbred goats, the number almost ideal for producing real gems dairy.

The choice of Louis Biddau is to lead a flock of all-natural, no chemical fertilizer is applied, is not implemented plowing or sowing. Fertilization of grasslands, according to the pastor, to the detriment of quality, as the nature, alone, is able to offer all the animal species forage necessary for the aromatic composition of a good cheese.

We realized - he says - raising animals in this way, the animal produces according to his ability, not being stimulated or feed, or hormones, and gives us the quantity and quality of milk that would cede naturally. This allows us to give some serenity to the animals. Biddau it does not want to impose their animals any kind of constraint. The chain stall = vacuum constriction of the animal, the milk is bad.

The wild pasture - specifically - is not an abandonment of cattle in itself, but it is a very ancient discipline, created by an age-old practice, related to the knowledge of the support archaic.

Once the cattle from its fruit, or milk, is processed in small dairy Ittiri, in a completely handmade. The milk is always processed raw, ie 36 °, 37 °. Temperature of "tittas".

We observe one thing, tells Biddau: the milk from the breast is taken by sucking. Each drop of milk that comes from the breast goes directly from one body to another, so there may be and there must be no manipulations. The nature of this mechanism has been pretty simple, and it's hard to go wrong if you adapt.

We give another term to our production: the product we work with our hands, unlike industry that works with machines. We value human capacitíæ of doing things. Every action is an art; how to make cheese, milk and the same till the soil. All these things the idea of industrial production we are doing the forgetting, depleting the very essence of man.

Large collection of Sardinian food products: try our best raw milk cheeses, produced according to strict criteria, dictated by a century-old tradition.

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