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Casizolu, Sardinian cheese - Giovanni Borrodde

Cow's milk cheese made ​​of spun paste made in Santu Lussurgiu, Montiferru

Concerning the panorama of the traditional Sardinian cheeses, Casizolu occupies a special place: elected at the Salone del Gusto in Turin as a protected island of Sardinian healthy eating.

Available in form of about 2,7 kg

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€ 67.50

Origin Oristano
Place Santu Lussurgiu
Size 2.7 kg

Casizolu, Sardinian cheese - Giovanni Borrodde - Sardinian food

Concerning the panorama of the traditional Sardinian cheeses, Casizolu occupies a special place: elected at the Salone del Gusto in Turin as a protected island of Sardinian healthy eating.

Casizolu, Sardinian cheese - Giovanni Borrodde - Best Sardinian cheese


The Casizolu is a great product, first of all for the wonderful raw material: Sardo-modicane or brown-modicane's milk, country cows bred throughout the year in the wild. The Slow Food Preasidium producers were gathered in the Association of Casizolu Producers of Oristano and have a procedure guideline that ensures the entire supply chain.

If the Casizolu is the most valuable product, you can also enjoy the trizza (a braid made ​​with the same paste as the Casizolu and decorated with flowers, leaves and fruits, which should be eaten fresh) and the Fresa (an oval and creamy soft cheese, only made in the fall, preferably with rich milk fat of pregnant cows).

We are in the Montiferru, a corner of Sardinia, where it is produced - a rare exception in this land of sheep and pecorino cheese - an ancient and valuable cow cheese made ​​of spun paste: Casizolu.

The women were traditionally working fresh milk and kneading the curd in boiling water to model the typical pear-shaped pot-bellied. A long hard work of patience, which ruined the hands and forced to up early: after adding the rennet and the curd is broken prepared to wait until the exact point of lactic fermentation, which can be in the evening, night or dawn.

At this point you can proceed with the spinning of the curd, heating the curd pieces in hot water to spin the dough and then shaping it in cold water. After spinned the dough, the white water of serum does not get throwed: s'abbagasu is a tasty broth for soups scented cheese. When it is well modeled (the skin should be smooth, shiny, unwrinkled) Casizolu has to be followed like a baby: first is nestled on a towel (or in a bowl of bran) to not ruin the shape; after two or three days it gets hanged up by the ceiling, and finally settles down in the cellar.

Casizolu, Sardinian cheese - Giovanni Borrodde - Sardinian cheese on sale

The dough of Casizolu tends to exfoliate with aging, and obtains a pale yellow and slightly yellow look. At the nose, when the shape is well aged, it combines feelings of green grass and buttermilk with a hint of wood and leaf. In the mouth the notes back with a good length and an almond finish.

Available in form of about 2,7 kg

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