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Fregula - Kentos

Sardinian handmade fregula, organic certified, made from Cappelli durum wheat.

500 gr package

This type of Fregula is made pretty much as it was two hundred years ago by elderly ladies of Sardinia, with the xivedda, water, and durum wheat - tests our Sardinian food


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€ 5.80

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Origin Cagliari
Place Orroli
Size 500 gr

Fregula - Kentos - Blue zone product

Sardinian handmade fregula, organic certified, made from Cappelli durum wheat.

This type of Fregula is made pretty much as it was two hundred years ago by elderly ladies of Sardinia, with the xivedda, water, and durum wheat - tests our Sardinian food

Fregula - Kentos - Sardinian food

Features of Organic Fregula

It's been some time people have been talking about us for one reason: our longevity (blue zone products). In fact, the village has one of the highest percentages of centenarians in all the nation. Even in Europe, according to some studies. Part of the secret, they say, is in our DNA. So, a bit curious and even a little jealous, they examine us. They want to discover our old life and what we did, what we drank and what we ate.

"Organic" as they say today: our was already so unknowingly. Then we make bread in a different way. Indeed always the same. We for example we use a yeast that has several hundred years. Always the same: every day he keeps a piece of bread to fertilize the next day. For centuries. Madrighe (matrix), is called. Which means mother. How do we know that it is so old? Simple: yeast here if they have heard after the last war, but my mother was already making the bread, and did it again with the old system, with the "yeast". The baking powder has never used. Let alone my grandmother and my great-grandmother, who even knew him.

Fegula - Kentos - Organic Sardinian food

We do the bread and all the desserts of our tradition with ancient methods, with Sardinian ingredients and with our wheat. When I say our I mean that of our field, cultivated by my family. Maybe you do not believe, but it is not a joke and you can come and check for yourself. And the years when we just do not buy from our neighbors, here in the village. Always "Organic": so you say? We want to continue our traditions, which are ancient and they made a good life for so long (blue zone, indeed). So we called Kentos. It means "one hundred", as the years of our centenarians. A full, Sardinia became part of the Blue Zone

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