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Anima sarda, Sardinian lemon liqueur - Distillerie Lussurgesi

Sardinian lemon Liqueur (Limoncino) made by Distillerie Lussurgesi in Santu Lussurgiu (Sardinia).

Alcohol content 26% Vol.

Bottle - 0.50 l

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Origin Oristano
Place Santu Lussurgiu
Size Bottle - 0.50 l

Anima sarda, Sardinian lemon liqueur - Distillerie Lussurgesi - Sardinian products on sale

Sardinian lemon Liqueur (Limoncino) made by Distillerie Lussurgesi in Santu Lussurgiu (Sardinia).

Bottle - 0.50 l

Anima Sarda liqueurs are born from a deep passion for the craft traditions of this unique land. The use of pure raw materials and excellent quality: the water is from the San Leonardo mountain source, just outside the municipality of Santu Lussurgiu and the essences, herbs, fruits and spontaneous aromas are those located in the most pristine areas of the countryside . Wines and marc for spirits and grappas are self produced or selected from trusted producers. Finally the discontinuous stills and the rest times that are left to the products before being put on the market do the rest.

Anima sarda, Sardinian lemon liqueur - Distillerie Lussurgesi - Sardinian food

Limoncino Liqueur obtained from alcoholic maceration for about 30 days, from the lemon peel grown in the Oristano plain. The essential oil contained in the peel gives the resulting liqueur, a decisive aromatic and characteristic fragrance, which makes it an excellent after meal.

Yellow color; intense and evolved fragrance. Strong taste, with a pleasant and characteristic lemon aroma.

Properties and curiosities: The lemon belonging to the genus Citrus and to the Rutaceae family, thanks to its extraordinary properties is considered a real natural drug. The rind contains about 10 times more vitamins than the fruit pulp, it is rich in aromas, and in it is concentrated a very high amount of flavonoids with multiple healing characteristics and the limonene, a precious molecule responsible for the characteristic fragrance and main component lemon essential oil, which is obtained from the distillation of the rind. Lemon is the fruit of a plant from the Far East, widespread in India, China and Southwest Asia, reaching as far as Mesopotamia from which the Jewish people imported it as far as Palestine. The Greeks considered it a symbol of fertility and used it during wedding ceremonies. The Romans had known lemon during their expansion in Persia, but made use of it only after its spread in Spain and southern Italy by the Arabs. The complete spread of the fruit in Europe is due to the Crusaders who imported it from the East with the name Limun.

Assembling: mixed in a variable ratio with hot sugar syrup and alcoholic maceration of lemon peel, then filtered to obtain the character of our liqueur.

Technical data: alcohol content 28% Vol

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